Kerry Cancer Support Group Fundraising.

Kerry Cancer Support Group is a fully registered charity and was founded in 2007 and has gone from strength to strength since then.

Why would you choose to support us?

Kerry Cancer Support Group

The demand for our services is growing each year. Kerry Cancer Support Group is always looking into improving its service and keeping up with the needs of its service users. You can help us to achieve our goals.

1. We don’t charge for any of the services we provide - Ensuring that everyone has access to all of our services is our first priority at Kerry Cancer Support Group, and that is why we don’t charge for any of our services – so whether you are dropping in to our Centre, availing of a school talk or using our transport service – there is no cost to you or your family.

2. How we use the funds you raise - Your money will help us to provide a variety of services that help make sure no one has to go through a cancer experience alone. We rely on fundraisers for 85% of our funding support so you really are very important. If you'd like more detail on where your money goes, please click here. You can also contact us for an informal talk about any fundraising or volunteering support you might be able to give.

3. We really appreciate and are careful with your money - With more and more people using our services each year, the need for services constantly growing. Thanks to our loyal and committed fundraisers and donors, over 85% of our income came from voluntary giving and fundraising in 2019, so we take care to manage our money wisely. Each year we produce an Annual Report and Accounts, which are independently audited. See more about our transparency procedures.

Get Involved - Ways to Support Us

Kerry Cancer Support Group

Thank you for choosing to help us at Kerry Cancer Support Group. Every year it costs up to €300,000 to keep our services up and running. Our service user's avail of all of our services and supports free of charge and it is the generosity and support of the community and companies in Kerry and beyond that make this possible. There are many ways that you can support us.

1. Donate - Every donation is important to us and every cent is appreciated. You can make a one off donation or sign up for a recurring one. Please make all cheques payable to Kerry Cancer Support Group.

2. Direct Transfer – If you wish to donate in this way please contact us by email at or call our centre on 066-7195560 and we will give you the details on how to do so.

3. Organise your own event - We would be delighted if you decide to organise an event for us. This not only helps us financially but it also raises awareness for the charity and the supports that we provide.

• Decide what type of event you want to have.
Register the event with us.
• Contact our team to decide on level of support you will need for the event.
• Publicise the event

4. Online fundraising - You may want to set up an online donation page to support us directly or us through your event. The most popular online fundraising sites in Ireland are the following and lodge funds directly to our account

• Facebook – No fees are charged unless sending from outside Ireland and exchange rate applies

• iDonate - 

They offer a simple way for people to sponsor you and to add messages of support, and when you select Kerry Cancer Support Group as your chosen charity, all donations are transferred directly to us. We are also registered with the Benevity fund for national and international donations and people also use Go Fund Me pages. Please note that donation pages apart from Facebook do take a percentage of what is raised for their admin costs.

5. Support us with our events - We do many fundraisers and are often short of volunteers to help out. Why not register here and support us to support others.

6. Can your company support us? - Does your company nominate a Charity of Choice each year? If so we would be delighted to be considered as your Charity of the Year. There are many ways to get involved with Kerry Cancer Support Group which can be motivating and rewarding for your staff and customers alike. We appreciate that every company is different, and we can work with you to tailor each partnership depending on your requirements. Once you have contacted us we can discuss some of the examples below or tailor a package to suit you.

• Payroll Giving - Payroll giving encourages members of staff to give regularly through their pay cheque. It's simple - staff members decide how much they wish to donate and these voluntary donations are deducted through the company payroll.

• Sponsorship - Without sponsorship we would not be able to run certain parts of our service, which would directly reduce the fundraising income of our charity. Sponsoring Kerry Cancer Support Group can work in many different ways, bringing a host of benefits such as increasing your brand awareness, generating positive PR for your company, motivating your staff and showing commitment to your local community.

• Corporate Donations - Kerry Cancer Support Group hugely appreciates donations from companies, these donations help us to continue our work of supporting cancer patients and their families. The tax benefits to you as a company are a great added bonus. If a company makes a donation of €250 or more to us, the company can claim a deduction for the donation as if it were a trading expense.

• Matched Giving - Matched giving is where an employer matches the amount an employee has raised or donated. Matched giving by companies boosts the morale of employee fundraisers/donors as it shows them you are supporting what they do. Employers can match one off gifts by an individual or match the total money raised from employee fundraising efforts.

Why choose Kerry Cancer Support Group? - Kerry Cancer Support Group strive to insure that no one should face their cancer journey alone. Selecting us as a charity partner gives your company an opportunity to work with a creative, reputable and caring charity that is recognized all over Kerry Cork, Limerick and beyond. We have strong links with local communities and would be delighted to work in partnership with you.

7. Schools, Colleges and Universities - We can work together to raise awareness through our education and awareness programme. You might in turn decide to organise a fundraiser for us. This can be a great way for students of all ages to gain valuable skills, have new experiences and have a lot of fun along the way. Contact us for more information.

8. Weddings/Parties/Christmas - People are often looking for an alternative to the usual gifts. We can provide it.

• Getting Married? Congratulations! - You can present your guests with a thoughtful gift in lieu of favours by making a donation to Kerry Cancer Support Group in their name. We can provide you with cards for your place settings. The donation is at your discretion. Contact us for information.

• Birthdays/Special Occasions - Sometimes people prefer to support a charity instead of receiving gifts. Kerry Cancer Support Group would be delighted to be part of your special day. We can provide logoed signs etc for your party. Contact us for information.

• Christmas - Companies - Would you prefer to donate to charity in lieu of presenting gifts to your clients at Christmas? Kerry Cancer Support Group can provide you with cards to let your clients know that a donation has been made in their name. Individuals - Kerry Cancer Support Group accepts donations from individuals in lieu of sending Christmas cards.

Tax efficient giving

What tax efficient giving means to charities

There was good news for charities in Budget 2013 when significant changes were introduced to benefit charitable organisations through tax relief on charitable donations. Kerry Cancer Support Group as a fully registered charity qualifies for this relief.

• Charities can now claim tax back on charitable donations made by all tax payers, not just PAYE tax payers.

• A new rate of 31% will be applied to all donations over €250. This means a €250 donation attracts a tax rebate of €112, increasing the value of your donation by 45 per cent to €362.

How you can help us to claim tax relief

• By completing the simple CHY3 tax relief form you can help Kerry Cancer Support Group claim tax relief on your donation from the Revenue Commissioners at no extra cost to you. This means we can make your donation go further. An enduring certificate (CHY3) is valid for a period of 5 years, unless you cancel it before the end of that period. We won't have to contact you each year. You should complete this form only in respect of donations for 2013 and subsequent years.

• If you pay tax and you give more than €250 in a calendar year, we can reclaim the tax paid on your donation(s). This only applies to personal gifts, and not to funds raised through sponsorship.

• Your donation can be donation as a once-off gift or by instalments. For example, a monthly gift of €21 per month over 12 months totals €252, and qualifies for the tax relief scheme


Kerry Cancer Support Trust Ltd

Charitable Donations Scheme

Notes Re Tax Relief Scheme for Eligible Charities

Individual Donations (Self Employed & Paye Employment)

1) Individuals must have paid tax in the relevant year.

2) Relief applies at 31% of donations made

eg €1,000 donated, therefore regrossed to €1,450 donation & benefit of €450 re tax relief assuming the individual has paid at least that much in tax in year.

 3) Minimum donation of €250 required for tax relief to apply.

4) CHY 3 form to be completed by charity. The donor must complete either Appendix 3 or Appendix 4 of Form.

5) Apply for refund of tax paid after the end of the relevant tax year.

Corporate Donations

1) The company claims relief for donations made as a trading expense. If the company donates €1,000, the real cost to the company is €1,000 @ 87.5% €875.