Kerry Cancer Support Group Croke Park Abseil.

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Kerry Cancer Support Group Croke Park Abseil

Kerry Cancer Support Group

A Chara,
Kerry Cancer Support Group-Health-Link Transport is very proud of the service that we provide to the people of Kerry, West Cork and West Limerick. The Board of Directors, Staff and Volunteers are committed to maintaining, improving and developing the service to benefit our clients.

Kerry Cancer Support Group is a fully registered charity and was founded in 2007 and provided a range of supports until 2009. Then following vast consultation with the public, service users and health care providers we found that the service that was most needed in the region was a supported transport service. Our service to Cork launched in 2010. Since then we have transported over 6,000 service users to over 60.000 cancer related appointments. That is a lot of car journeys. We now have two buses and a jeep and cover eight hospitals. Our service is not just a transport service but a travelling support group. We have a very definite referral pathway with consultants at all hospitals recommending our service as part of treatment because service users get there in a very positive frame of mind and are with us for years after for all follow ups. The service is completely free to the service user and confidentiality is guaranteed.

We have an arrangement with the hospitals where our service users have a “block booking”. This means that those who travel on the buses are seen together so there are no delays and long waiting times for appointments. Our funding comes from sponsorship and fundraising events held by the public around the County. Because we are a local Charity all monies stay in the County. We receive no statuary funding.

With incidence of cancer set to grow we at Kerry Cancer Support see our services being needed even more. By supporting the service you are making a difference to the emotional wellbeing of the service users and that of their families giving them peace of mind knowing that they have a safe, secure and supportive way to attend their appointments. We also have an information service. We visit schools, community groups and other organisations and provide them with information around prevention, reducing their risk, screening, knowing their bodies and a healthy lifestyle. With your help we can continue this work.

Kindest Regards,
Kerry Cancer Support Group.

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